B.Arch (UWA 2006); B.Env.Des (UWA 2003);
B.PHE (UWA 1998)

Simon grew up immersed in building and architecture and began actively working in the construction industry in 1994 through involvement with various trades. This progressed to architectural drafting work in the early 2000’s before graduating the architecture degree in 2006.
International experience in the design and construction of medical facilities followed before eventually deciding to come back to Perth and develop the ‘family business’ with his father Peter.

Simon has since continued to focus on his passion for good building practice. While great design is a crucial ingredient and integral to the service provided, being able to co-ordinate a cohesive working environment with the building and consultant team, has a profound effect on the success of a project. Simon enjoys the role of being a conduit between an architectural concept and construction realities.

“Creating buildings and spaces that enhance the lifestyle of its occupants is one of the great rewards of this job. It is extremely satisfying when the entire project team have a great sense of pride at what has been created at the end of any Motus project.”