Motus is passionate about environmental conservation and preservation.  We develop design solutions that specifically respond to site and climate and are sensitive to the environment and the health of the end users.

Today sustainability matters more than ever.  As people’s mindsets are changing and moving towards a more holistic approach to building and environment, it has become crucial to maintain a competitive edge and presence in industry.

Keeping abreast of research, current trends, products, and changing demographics, Motus is passionate about designing for the future and catering to the specific needs of their client and the community.

We have existing relationships with respected specialist consultants, ranging from Geothermal Heating to LED lighting and can therefore tailor our service depending on how it best serves the client.

Motus is very focused on refining the efficiency and quality with which we deliver our buildings.  We are constantly investigating new construction methods and new products that can positively impact the building whether it be with respect to time, cost or environmental / sustainability factors.