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At Motus, we strive to create the best interior spaces for your medical practice. These are designed to ensure a healthy flow throughout your space.

From the waiting room to the consultation rooms, your practice should promote a calming atmosphere. The fittings you choose will influence how your patients feel when they visit your practice. Patients are often anxious when visiting a medical facility for a consultation or procedure and they deserve to be in an environment that is calming and soothing.

Motus will develop your brief and design you the best medical fitout in Perth to take your patients on a safe and relaxing journey.  We pay special attention to every aspect from the reception desk area to the waiting room, offices, surgery, and consulting rooms. We work closely with the you from the beginning to reach the best outcome possibly for the space.

If you already have an existing fitout in need of an upgrade, we will turn your visualisations into reality. We will give advice based on best practices when fitting out your medical area. This ensures that we can meet your needs while providing the best outcome for your medical practice.

Medical fitouts require unique attention for the specialised areas required. These includes the electrical wiring for medical equipment and smart disposal areas for hazardous materials. Our experts at Motus have in-depth knowledge of medical fitout requirements to make sure the brief is met and a result beyond your expectation is achieved.  Get in touch today!

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If you require a fresh new dental fitout, we’ve got you covered. From entirely new fitout projects to upgrades on your existing spaces, our team is ready to help. Motus will help you plan the spaces from the ground up with our knowledge in dental fitouts and will guide you through entire process.

A fitout for a dental practice requires a unique understanding of the medical needs of your practice. Not only do you need to cater to your patients with a pleasant waiting room and reception area, but you also need to consider the practicality of the consultation rooms and surgery.

Your practice should consider the needs of your patients by implementing a friendly entrance area and reception as a focal point. Creating a space for patients to feel welcome and ease their anxiety about being in this setting.

Our experienced team takes all design elements into consideration while creating a space that flows and produces a calming energy. We take pride in our ability to balance both practicality and style whenever we work any interior fitout project in Perth.

We will help you design and develop the ultimate dental fitout. We will maximise the space you have while ensuring adequate storage space, room sizes and workspaces as per your requirements. Motus is aware of ergonomics and the importance of resolving this in the design process. Together, we seamlessly incorporate creative aesthetics for your staff and clients.

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We design interior office fitouts in Perth for a wide range of industries. At Motus, we make sure to meet your expectations and the specific needs of your workspace through our flexible processes. Every office should promote productivity while still welcoming your clients and other guests. Your spaces should also provide comfort for your workforce.

Each office requirements are unique to your brand and line of work, and we will adapt and develop our strategies to meet your needs. Our team will spend time getting to know your business in and out prior to commencing design to gain a better understanding of the day to day operations of your office.  Motus will innovate a friendly working environment for all users.

This provides us with the knowledge we need to create spaces to help you accomplish your business visions. We stay on track with ergonomic trends to give you and your employees the best support throughout the working day. We also understand the need for a fair balance of comfort and efficiency in office settings.

Our team blends the practical with the inspirational to create an inviting, aesthetically pleasing, and economical workplace. While doing so, we always keep in mind the true essence of your business to create a pure reflection of your core principles in all areas of your office.

Each office fitout requires a unique approach for each space. As such, there are no cookie-cutter templates offered. At Motus, we value a flexible strategy that includes space for modular work desks and storage solutions for your individual needs. Our goal is to create the perfect office space that complements the true image of your company. If you are looking for a new office design, don’t hesitate to contact us to get started.

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Bars are the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a busy week. Your bar should be a relaxing social haven for customers. At Motus, we curate the ultimate bar fitouts to match the vibe and energy you are after. We aim to create a space for your desired clientele to gather and enjoy themselves while promoting your establishment’s key features.

We understand that fitting out a bar space is not only about the actual bar and customer seating but it also extends into the kitchen and other back of house facilities. This is why our experts take time to get to know your operation and work closely with your chef and managers to bring your vision to life.

This helps us plan for extra elements needed in your bar and kitchen area, such as specialised equpiment. We design and fit all your bar requirements to your specifications while matching your chosen theme.

Each bar is unique in its design and flow but should always provide space for customers to relax and socialise. We aim to maximise innovation in the spaces by designing custom furnishings throughout.

We can assist from the beginning as you begin looking for the right building and space for your bar right up to furniture selection. If you already have an existing bar in need of a revamp, we can elevate your existing space into a totally new and unique bar.

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If you are wanting a new interior fitout in Perth for your cafe, you are in the right place. We offer specialised cafe fitouts based on your unique requirements.

Designing a cafe does not only consist of creating an inviting area to welcome customers. A successful cafe fitout requires an understanding of the business’s core values and principles as well as the customers’ needs. Your cafe should maximise the interior space and account for any outdoor seated areas if necessary.

At Motus, we understand the need to create an enticing front-of-house atmosphere that is easy for customers to navigate. We can help you create a flow to guide your customers, directing them from the entry to the first point of service.

For any cafe fitout job, it is necessary to prioritise the back of the cafe just as much as the front. This is why we work closely with your kitchen staff to create a functional space for food preparation. This will also include back of house spaces for wet and dry storage, deliveries, staff rooms and any other requirements to meet your brief.

We will tailor our ideas to suit your vision of how you would like your cafe to feel. We offer our expertise on planning and design that work well in your setting. Whether you are after a small, cosy, and comfortable cafe or a bustling hub for professionals, we will utilise your space to bring out the character and vibe you are visualising.

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As you step into a restaurant, you want to enjoy a new experience extending beyond the food you order. A big part of this journey involves the flow of the restaurant layout and how it compliments with all elements of the restaurant.

Not only is the entrance to a restaurant important for customers as a visual focal point, but the entire process from being greeted, seated to ordering needs to flow smoothly and efficiently. This includes the paths to and from the kitchen and the spaces between tables that need to cater for movement.

We can help design your dream restaurant fitout to ensure customers are excited as they walk through your doors. You Just share your vision and ideas for how you want your restaurant to make people feel and we will curate the perfect restaurant to make your dream a reality.  Motus will develop your brief with all your necessities and priorities in mind.

We will create a functional kitchen space with adequate workspaces to cater for the food service you’re providing. All back of house facilities are just as important to the kitchen area.  Everything will be considered when through the planning and design process.


Motus understands the restaurant entry is where customers establish their first impression. As such, we focus on ensuring the fitout of this area is innovative, eye catching and of high-quality that boasts the branding and atmosphere you want to convey.

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Alfresco dining forms an important part of many restaurant and cafes, as it is a popular choice for people in the warmer months. You could often use it all year round if the space is designed well with protection against the weather. Alfresco fitouts require some extra attention to ensure your outside space is as functional and comfortable as possible. This means creating a versatile exterior set-up to cater to your guests in all weather conditions.

At Motus, we can help you create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that is sturdy enough to withstand the elements. We will select materials suitable for outdoor conditions to create a beautiful setting flow for customers.

Creating a successful alfresco setting involves a flexible design. You need to maximise the outdoor ambience while also providing cover where and when necessary. This requires consideration for the issues that come with dining outdoors like bugs and bad weather. Motus will take all this into account when planning and designing your alfresco fitout as an outdoor paradise.

Doing so allows us to determine what you need to maximise all work processes. It is important to ensure that customers are well taken care of throughout their entire dining experience whether they are indoors or outdoors. Get in touch with us today for all your interior fitout needs in Perth.

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