The project site was originally two sites which were amalgamated to invoke a building height bonus in the CBAC zone – which was created by the City of South Perth to promote additional building density around the Canning Bridge Station.  Given its proximity to Station (within 380m), Swan River (within 700m), and the CBD (less than 8km away), the design required a solution that was very much driven by the need to achieve a certain density and yield to ensure feasibility.  As with all Motus buildings, this yield requirement had to be acceptably balanced against aesthetic and sustainability targets.

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The circulation spaces on every level are ‘open ended’ to ensure a healthy building through provision of natural light and ventilation. Extensive green spaces – both vertical and horizontal – have been designed with the assistance of Landscape Architect (CAPA) to provide a valuable link with nature.  We also integrated communal facilities that include a rooftop terrace overlooking the river and city as well as a ground floor residents workshop and lounge.


The biggest challenge was achieving a yield that ensured project feasibility – whilst not being forced to significantly compromise aesthetics.  Further to that, we were forced to negotiate through a very volatile planning approval process, where there was significant community backlash to the CBAC zoning policy. Ultimately though, we negotiated to gain their support despite community pressure, through extensively researched design justifications.