Motus strives to create urban spaces that respond to their function and activity, but at the same time provide a sense of place.  It is important that the spaces engage, interact and evolve with the community over time.

The Motus Team have substantial experience working with community groups and local government in the strategic planning of neighbourhood centres and redevelopment of ‘tired’ properties.   Motus have been instrumental in assisting groups to adopt alternative development opportunities that have maximized the yield of their assets through clever urban design and master planning.

Numerous commissions have centred on the strategic planning of Activity Centre Precincts for local Councils, and have involved a thorough investigation of possible uses for Council owned land.  These Precinct studies required the clever integration of commercial, residential and retail zoning with public buildings and open spaces.  Achieving efficient and cost effective outcomes to revitalise these parts of the community was our major goal.