Located on Great Eastern Hwy, the site is positioned within the innovative Urban Corridor Strategy introduced by the City of Belmont.  153 Great Eastern Hwy is a 4 x storey commercial office building with approximately 1000sq/m of net lettable office space.

The design is intentionally dynamic to draw attention to the building and it is envisioned to become a landmark on the gateway to the airport.  A pivotal part of the client’s brief is the incorporation of a large 3.5m x 12.6m digital screen that seamlessly integrates into the building.  The design incorporates layers of horizontal and vertical landscaping throughout which serve to break and soften the built form.  The external cladding provides a striking contrast to the simple curtain wall glazing beyond.  The Motus team has also explored a number of façade options, narrowing down to anodised aluminium or glass-reinforced concrete.